Beaumont, Texas


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Three Teens Killed when Train Crashes into Car

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Three teenagers were killed in a car accident, Wednesday night, when a train plowed into their car as they tried to beat the train across the railroad tracks.

The teenagers, none whom had driver’s licenses, allegedly ignored blinking lights, bells, whistles and crossing gates as they attempted to beat the Amtrak train across the intersection at C.E. King and Beaumont Highway.

Police declared the teens dead at the scene of the accident.

“If they had waited about 8 seconds, the train probably would have passed them,” said a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy. “When people look down the tracks, they think they have plenty of time. But they don’t.”

The Federal Railroad Administration is investigating the accident. Preliminary reports say the train was traveling at approximately 55 mph and will be compared to equipment that officially calculates the speed.